Sirat-ul-Jannah - Khanewal

Free Dispensary

Established in 2010 An MBBS Doctor along with a qualified dispenser have been appointed to examine and treat the patients.15 – 20 patients daily.Quality Medicine is provided absolutely free of cost to these patients.Facilities such as Sugar Test, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Nebulizer etc. are also provided to these patients.

Following projects have been carried out by Sirat-ul-Jannah in Khanewal Branch.

  1. Free Dispensary
  2. Vocational Training Centre
  3. Collection of Holy Papers
  4. Expensive School For Poor
  5. Water Cooler System
  6. Monthly Scholarships
  7. Animal Drinking Water
  8. Free School for Slum Childs (To be started in September 2018 In Shaa ALLAH)

Stitching and Embroidery Centre:

  1. Working since last 10 Years.
  2. Average Class of 40 students.
  3. 4 Hours Class Daily.
  4. Everything is provided free of cost to the students.

Beautician Training Center:

  1. Working since last 3 years to enable the poor girls capable enough for earning respectable livelihood.
  2. Average Class of 10 – 15 students.
  3. All quality materials are provided free of cost.

Collection of Holy Papers

Sirat-ul-Jannah started the collection of Holy Papers(Pages of Holy Quran, Pages having the name of ALLAH SWT & Hazrat Muhammad SAWW, Newspapers,Magazines, Books having Quranic Ayaat and Ahadith etc.) from different places in Khanewal and Kabirwala almost 6 years ago.

Details are as under:

  1. 150 Boxes have been installed at different places in Khanewal and Kabirwala.
  2. These boxes are emptied every 2nd day.
  3. These Holy papers are then sent to the designated places of the Government for proper storage.

Expensive School For Poor

Sirat-ul-Jannah initiated this project with collaboration of Best Private Schools in Khanewal and Kabirwala for the brilliant but poor students. Under this project, these schools waive off the full fee of these students and all other expenses are made by Sirat-ul-Jannah. Every School accommodates 2 to 3 students.

Currently 22 students are getting quality education absolutely free of cost in different schools. Out of these,three students have completed their Matriculation and now getting free education in Private Colleges.

Water Cooler System

Sirat-ul-Jannah has also initiated the project of Water Cooler System to provide cold water in summer.So far 12 Water Coolers have been installed in Khanewal and Kabirwala.These coolers have been installed on different shops on sharing basis in which half of the expenses are made by Sirat-ul-Jannah and half by shop keeper.5 Electric Coolers have also been installed on public places in Islamabad.

Monthly Scholarships

Sirat-ul-Jannah is providing monthly scholarships in Khanewal and Kabirwala to poor students and patients.

Meesum Raza: A thalassemia patient is given Rs.3000/- per moth for his treatment.
Bashir Sultan: A 65 year old Cancer Patient. He is a very poor man and is given Rs. 2000/- per month.
Naureen Amjad: A widow from Khanewal is given Rs. 1000/- per moth to support her.
A number of other poor, widows and patients are being supported by Sirat-ul-Jannah.

Sirat-ul-Jannah Free School System

Sirat-ul-Jannah is going to launch a free school system in its Khanewal Branch. This school is mainly intended for the slum Childs who are very brilliant in general and are unable to have quality education due to their financial constraints. School will start its operations in September 2019 In Shaa ALLAH with a capacity of 100 students initially. At initial stages it will be a primary school which will then be upgraded to higher levels. Sirat-ul-Jannah will provide everything free of cost to these students. The approximate cost to establish this school (including stationery and everything) will be Rs.1500000/-. It’s monthly expenditures will be Rs. 100000/- approximately.