Zakat is the third pillar of Islam. The Quran mentions zakat eighty-two times, along with prayers salat to emphasize the importance of it. The Zakat means growth, blessings and increase in good purification. It is called zakat because wealth grows through the blessings of giving it and prayer of those who receive it. Zakat also purifies its giver?s sins and extols him by testifying to the genuineness of his faith. Every Muslim who possesses a zakat payable amount (Nisab) for one lunar year has to pay Zakat (2.5% of Nisab)

Utilization of Zakat at Sirat-ul-Jannah:

Sirat-ul-Jannah ensures the best utilization of your zakat. The zakat donated by you is utilized in the following ways.

  • To meet the expenditure of Orphans at Sirat-ul-Jannah.
  • Scholarships to Widows.
  • Free medical facilities to poor & needy.
  • Marriages of orphan girls etc.

So send your Zakat donations to Sirat-ul-Jannah to help us in these activities.


They ask you as to what they sould spend. Say: Whatever wealth you spend, it is for the parents and the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, and whatever good you do, Allah surely knows it.
(Al-Baqara, Chapter #2, Verse #215)


Al-Bukhari narrated that Prophet Muhammad, said:
I and the custodian of an orphan are like this (togather) in Paradise, and he joined his forefinger and middle finger togather.