Sirat-ul-Jannah is very thankful to its donors because it is only the kind and generous people like you who made it a success. Still we need generous contributions from our donors to continue our efforts for the betterment of humanity.

You can help us with your cash donations or different items of day to day use.

You can send your donations to Sirat-ul-Jannah in the shape of Crossed Cheques / Demand Drafts / Cashier Cheques etc. Send your cheques / drafts in the favor of Sirat-ul-Jannah to the following address:

Sirat-ul-Jannah Company Bagh

Murree, Pakistan.

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You can also send your donations online to our UBL Account. The details for online donations are as under:

Bank: United Bank Limited (UBL), Murree Branch

Account Title: Sirat-ul-Jannah

Account # 0971-0100828-7

For Online Donations Account # 0971097101008287

IBAN # PK11 UNIL 0112 0971 0100 8287


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You can also help us by providing any of these immediate needs:

  • Transport & Ambulances
  • Water Tanker
  • Mosque Repair (Specially Doom of the Mosque)
  • Medical & Clinical Lab at Khanewal & Kabirwala Medical Centers
  • Medical Lab Equipments
  • Prayer Mats (Jaa-e-Namaz) for Mosque Imam-e-Kaaba
  • Beds for Sirat-ul-Jannah Murree. (Minimum 100)
  • Generator 25 KVA
  • Up gradation of Kabirwala Medical centre to a 100 bed Hospital
  • Fridges and Deep freezers
  • Establishment of Rawat Branch, for which we have got the land worth

Rs. 20, 00,000/- as donation

  • Wedding arrangement of 5 orphan girls
  • Sewing Machines for girls (50 at Khanewal & 50 at Murree)
  • Electric Water Coolers
  • Computer Lab consisting of 25 Systems

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They ask thee what they should spend (In charity).Say: Whatever ye spend that is good, is for parents and kindred and orphans and those in want and for wayfarers.And whatever ye do that is good, -(Allah) knoweth it well.
(Surah Al-Baqara, Chapter #, Verse #215)


Abu Said Al Khudri narrated that Prophet Muhammad, said:
Some Ansari persons asked for (something) from Allah’s Apostle and he gave them. They again asked him for (something) and he again gave them. And then they asked him and he gave them again till all that was with him finished. And then he said “If I had anything, I would not keep it away from you. (Remember,) whoever abstains from asking others, Allah will make him contented, and whoever tries to make himself self-sufficient, Allah will make him self-sufficient. And whoever remains patient, Allah will make him patient. Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.”

Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 24 Hadith 548